Both locations GUARANTEE our lowest rates here, on our own web site!
The AAE Banfield is the only location that allows pets. If you are bringing a furry friend, choose the Banfield!

Tax at both locations is 14.5% and not included in the rates shown here.

Decide the right AAE Location in Portland

Here is a little extra description of each property, in case you don't know which location best suits you.

The Banfield has more room types and availability most of the year. We also offer our lowest rates for budget minded travelers. While you do have to take a short bus ride to get to us from the city center of Portland, it is a cheap ($1.75 each) bus ride and its direct from the Amtrack or Greyhound Terminals to our stop.  We also have a great location, and we are steps away from grocery stores, fast food, Starbucks Coffee and a quaint area of Portland. If you are driving into Portland, no questions asked..stay at the banfield for our free parking which is plentiful! We also have a pool, and in the hot summers, this can be a big decision maker. All rooms have microwave and fridge in them. We allow pets.

The Downtowner is more central located. If you arrive by Greyhound or Amtrack, you may want to select the Downtowner for the ease of walking to many sites of Portland. The rooms are well appointed, and parking is usually found in the streets around us.  This property is perfect  for groups of friends or couples that are coming to Portland only for a day or two and need to see as much as they can within walking distance and don't time to wait for buses to go in and out of the city. We do offer rooms from single occupancy through rooms with 2 double size beds that sleep 4.